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Tattoos done on clients I know for sure are from my hometown of Port Angeles, WA , USA

Hell Raiser

She took over hell tattoo
Found this in my picture files. It is not the best pic and even has bra strap marks running through it, but I really liked the theme of this one so here it is… She is a hell taker! The idea was this spider like gall went to hell and basically kicked some devil butt. Now she is sitting there showing the skull of old Beelzebub with a background featuring the flames of hell itself and demons kinda showing (my brain says dancing) in the flames. This is obviously an aged tattoo (at time of photo) and I really wish I had been able to get a better pic. I always prefer aged over freshly healed and healed over fresh done when it comes to tattoos.
The client had really thought this one out and had a ton of references. I basically put them all together kinda like a paste up / collage, but by drawing all the bits together. No guesswork was needed… Boots, body, lips, garter belt, jewelry, demons, flames, pillars, zipper, skull, the whole works all came on separate printouts. Overall I like the outcome and totally dig the theme.

Cruella de Vil

An oldie – Cruella de Vil – AKA Cruella De Mon or Cruella D’Enfer who resides in Hell Hall and loves her fur. This particular tattoo was done on my very own cousin who happens to be a huge Disney fan and a major lover of Cruella. This (tattoo) is an oldie with the picture taken a long time after the tattoo was done. I think she had received three or four tattoos between getting this and me thinking to take a pic. That makes it a few years between tattoo and photo. Worry not, her love of Cruella and One Hundred and One Dalmatians has not faltered. It is a classic!
Cruella de Vil Tattoo

Foo Dog

Inside of the upper arm… A Foo Dog. That is what we here in the USA call them anyways. “Foo Dogs”, Fu Dogs “Fu Lions”, “Fo Lions”, and sometimes “Lion Dogs.” We have a lot of cool names for them. They are actually just lions. Guardian lions to be precise. In China they call them “shi” usually. That basically means “lion” I think. Anyways… these guys are believed to have extremely powerful protective benefits and keep the bad away. This particular Foo Dog is of the male variety. It is pretty much an almost kinda sorta rule to always depict the male with the ball and the female versions with a cub. That is a fun bit of trivia for you to keep in mind for the next time you visit China Town, where I am sure you will see at least one set of Foo Dogs.
A Foo Dog Tattoo

Skeleton in stocks

So when I was asked to do a skeleton in medieval type stocks with a newer, yet antiqued lock and a skeleton key I figured it was probably a pretty common theme even though it hadn’t been requested before. I googled it and it seems it isn’t. Weird.
For some reason it just seemed it should be.
Anyways… the key hangs around the neck because that way it tantalizes yet is out of reach. That is what the client was going for here.

Skeleton in stocks tattoo

If you are unfamiliar with stocks… This is from Wikipedia:
Stocks are devices used internationally, in medieval, Renaissance and colonial American times as a form of physical punishment involving public humiliation. The stocks partially immobilized its victims and they were often exposed in a public place such as the site of a market to the scorn of those who passed by.

I hit this picture with a remove color filter option and since it was black work only and I figured it looked cool that way I left that way.

Rainbow Striped Unicorn

Bet you haven’t ever seen a rainbow zebra striped unicorn before.
rainbow zebra striped unicorn tattoo

It is also a bit carousel horse and when I was asked to draw it I was told it should be a Friesian Unicorn with rainbow zebra stripes.
All in all this is a very unique tattoo. I searched all over trying to find a rainbow zebra striped friesian unicorn drawing or painting because I had never seen one before and came up empty handed. It seems it isn’t so hard to come up with newness in art or tattoos after all.