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Tattoos in a neotraditional style or incorporating a neotraditional tattoo style


Mermaid – from the Old English mere (sea), and maid (a girl or young woman). The equivalent term in Old English was merewif. This particular mermaid tattoo is done in a style I would roughly consider Neotraditional American with slightly thinner lines than usual to add a bit more femininity and give room for more detail in the scales.. The art is a re-draw of a client supplied image. The location is on the outer thigh just behind (to the side) of the knee. As a mermaid fun fact I give you this… In 1493 the famed explorer Christopher Columbus reported seeing three “female forms” which “rose high out of the sea.” He noted that the mermaids were not as lovely as represented in fables and art.
Mermaid tattoo in neotraditional traditional tattoo style

True Blue

“True Blue”
This is a kinda traditional / neotraditional piece. The client had a line sketch style pin-up drawing which he supplied for the basic idea. He also sent me a few pics of his gal so I could fiddle with it and make it resemble her more. The rest of the stuff I drew in as to his subject matter preferences, but with free reign as his description was “just make it look cool.” Overall I really liked the layout and look of this finished piece. It fits within the boundaries of traditional Americana tattoo themes, but possesses originality.

true blue pinup tattoo done in neotraditional tattoo style

Pocket compass and roses

A small pocket compass and roses tattoo done in a predominantly blue theme on the inside of a girls forearm.
blues pocket compass tattoo

Though this is in a semi traditional tattoo style, I kept with a much thinner and lighter line for the outer edge, used almost no line inside the tattoo, and didn’t use any blacks for shading. The result is a traditional look, but with a softer/prettier appearance than normally seen in such a style.

This tattoo was from my Port Angeles Tattooing The Blues tattoo project.

A Pirate’s Life For Me

A pirate’s life for me…
It may sound funny, but as a little kid one of the reasons I fell in love with tattoos was because I wanted to be a pirate.
Pirates had tattoos and pirates had the # 1 spot on the cool jobs chart in my brain.
I will admit that at age 5 or so I didn’t really understand what pirates really did, but it sure looked fun.
This tattoo here is just a little guy. I think it was like three or maybe four inches tall (don’t recall 100% the exact size) and was done from a client supplied bit of traditional tattoo flash.
Many tattooists don’t dig doing flash. I personally have no problem with it. What I find funny is that most who claim to not dig doing flash art have tons of it in their studios. I currently have not one single design in my place of work to choose from. I do mostly custom stuff drawn by me. I however am happy as a drunken pirate to pirate some oldschool flash art for a clients tattoo. As long as the client brings it in of course.
Pirate Head Tattoo Oldschool