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Tattoos focusing on animals and animal themes

Polar Bear

Polar Bear Tattoo  by Aarron Laidig in reverse image negative space style
Polar Bears are beautiful creatures and hold the top spot as predators within their niche. Sadly they are disappearing. Soon they may be gone. The biggest reason is because of rapid shrinking of sea ice. These creatures who have lived here on earth for thousands of years are now running out of places to live because of sea ice losses brought on by global warming.
Polar bears rely on the sea ice to hunt, breed, and often even den. Their world is literally melting.

Cheetah Leg

I dig big cats.
cheetah leg tattoo
Every species of wild cat is cool in my book. They are cool to look at, and amazingly all adapted to their habitats in ways that boggle my mind.
The word “Cheetah” is derived from the Hindi word “Chita” meaning “spotted one”. Cheetahs have been clocked at up to 70 miles per hour in a sprint. They choke out their prey and eat fast because they are not the toughest of creatures and fear their food will be stolen by a bigger and badder predator.
Though most of us think of a cheetah as one of the great cats they are not considered so by the labelers of species because they can’t roar.
They are super smart cats and also can get along with man pretty well compared to other big cats. As a matter of fact… way back it was not uncommon for wealthy folk in certain countries to keep them as pets. They also acted as hunting partners in Asia way back in much the way dogs were used in Europe.
Sadly their pretty fur has been their downfall and humans have hunted them to the point they are endangered of possible extinction. Not cool.

So… How this tattoo came about:
Cheetahs are obviously famous for their running so make for a cool tattoo choice for a person into running.
A client who I have done maybe 5 or so tattoos on over the years came in and asked for a cheetah tattoo.
No problem.
He wanted it to look pretty realistic.
No problem.
He wanted the cheetah tattoo on his leg.
No problem.
He wanted it to be running.
No problem.
He wanted it running down his leg at knee level so it would bend..

I ended up watching cheetah running videos to make sure the creature didn’t end up in a non realistic pose when the client had his leg bent. I had to find a compromise pose that would show a true movement for the cheetah in about 5 different angles….
Ouch! Not the most easy task.
I like artistic challenges however so I worked it until it all fell into place.
The end result I think is pretty groovy.