Aarron Laidig's Reverse Image Tattoo Galleries

Let us jump back in time and take a look at some of my world famous
Reverse image color bombs came about over a period of a few years. In a way it was a slow progression of melding images into tribal designs and wanting to let loose with my color. I was so bored with filling tribal style designs with just black. -- The other way to look at it is.. After years of boredom I had this really cool idea that when I tried to explain it to people they didn't understand so I had to show them.
However it happend ... I am glad of it. I ended up with a very unique style that allowed me to be creative in a way I never had a chance to be before.
Looking back on these designs I get a bit of nostalgia.
What was once so new in the late 80's through the 90's seems not so new anymore.

The tattoos you see here are taken from an old gallery on a different site I once had. They are all scans from 1999. The photos the scans came from ranged in dates from about 1992 to 1999.
Over the course of the decade plus that I did these types of tattoos I would guess I did about 200 in this exact style is all before I changed them into what most people think of when they think of my negitive space type work nowdays.
I appoligize for the low quallity of the images, but I don't keep many pictures around and have none to scan for better quallity.
Still I think you will enjoy this small gallery of reverse image color bombs from the 90's.
GALLERY NOTE: For all of you that kept emailing and asking me to include a gallery of my old style reverse image color bombs... "thank you."
It was a big compliment to know so many of you dig it.
If you wonder why the actual image pages don't match the rest of the site...
it is because I have left them as they appeared on the old site.

Reverse image greatful dead cover up tattoo
The Dead

fishy tat
A Fish

Anchors and Sharks
Anchors and Sharks

heart sun
heart sun

purple impala


male and female version reverse moon tattoos
Moon Face

shrooms are trippy


An Elk


a name
A Name

Sea horse
Horse of The Sea


a blue flame
A blue flame


Egyption reverse image color bomb tattoo
Taste of Egypt

surf time
Surf time
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