Tank Girl
Don't piss her off!
awesome ribcage tank girl tattoo
If you don't know who Tank Girl is then this tattoo most likely just looks like a strange chick who can kick some ass.
If you do know who tank girl is then this tattoo certainly looks like a VERY strange girl who can kick some ass.

I dig the movie, and I dig the comics... so this was an awesomely fun tattoo to do for me.

The image is from a front cover of the comic with some modifications and a bit of Aarron style crazy color bomb work added.

The photo was taken when the client came in to set up some work, but the tattoo is actually a few years old. (I would guess 4 or 5 years)
I really like getting a picture after the tattoo has had a few years to settle.
They become part of the skin rather than looking like they are on the skin.

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