Do American's like football?
raiders tattoo
Football fans can be crazy dedicated.
They can be dedicated to the game, the beer, and even to a certain chair on Sunday.
Mostly though... they are dedicated to a team.

I couldn't even begin to count how many football tattoos i have done over the years.
I can say however that the Raiders fans are the most dedicated fans of all when it comes to tattoos.
I have done more Raiders tattoos than any other team.
That would seem fine if I lived someplace besides Washington state.
Seahawks are number 2 when it comes to getting tattooed.
Even more strange is by how far... I would guess I do close to double the amount of Raiders tattoos than I do of Seahawks.

This tattoo was not of my own design. The client brought me the artwork.
He had printed it off the internet.
I did some fancy up work and a couple modifications, but that is about it.

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