Beautiful mountains for the lover of nature
mountains of the olympic northwest tattoo, photo was taken about 1 year after tattoo was done
The guy who got this tattoo obviously loves the the area.
The photo is of Mount Olympus and I basically did a reproduction of it, but with a fantasy style sky.
The client later met the photographer at a book signing and the photo guy loved it so much that he went to Hurricane Ridge and had his picture taken with the tattoo client for the local paper.
They actually gave it the front page...
(I found humor in that)

On a personal note: Doing a landscape tattoo is not my normal thing. I often turn them down because people want places I can't identify with. I have spent the majority of my life on the west coast with about 80 percent of that in WA. This kind of landscape tattoo is a different story though.
I really enjoyed doing the tattoo because it is of the mountains I grew up with. Hardly a day of my youth went by that I did not see those mountains.
When I have been away for long periods I have missed those mountains.
They are beauty.
5 stars for
The Olympic Northwest!

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