Mixed Tribal
A culture blend
mixed tribal tattoos
Front and back views of mixed tribal tattoos
mixed tribal tattoos back view
This tattoo is a work in progress.

The client came to me a few years ago wanting to trade for tattoos.
I don't do trades I told him.
He however explained that he was a trader

This guy actually travels around (Usually on barges) going from place to place trading items.
Yep... and honest to goodness old style trader.
Most of the time he is going back and forth from the USA to little Islands throughout the pacific. He trades our American goods (Including Native American crafts) for items in the Islands and brings them back.
He trades goods and services for rent, etc...
He uses cash for as little as possible. It's pretty cool.

Anyway.. The designs are a cultural blend created by himself from his travels.
I put it all together to make it work, but he is the primary creator.
Every bit of it has meaning and is related to his life.
He spends about half the year in the islands and about a third visiting Native American locations.
It is during those other 2 or 3 months that he is in my area that we do his yearly addition.

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