Fast as the wind
cheetah powered leg
cheetah tattoo in straight leg position
A client who I have done maybe 5 or so tattoos on over the years came in and asked for a cheetah tattoo.
No problem.
He wanted it to look pretty realistic.
No problem.
He wanted the cheetah tattoo on his leg.
No problem.
He wanted it to be running.
No problem.
He wanted it running down his leg at knee level so it would bend..

I ended up watching cheetah running videos to make sure the creature didn't end up in a non realistic pose when the client had his leg bent. I had to find a compromise pose that would show a true movement for the cheetah in about 5 different angles....
Ouch! Not the most easy task.
I like artistic challenges however so I worked it until it all fell into place.
cheeta tattoo in bent leg position
As you can see the result is top notch.
In the bent position we get a leaping movement a cheetah will actually make.
In the straight position we are at full run.
I recommend watching some cheetah running videos. You will be amazed at how they actually run and move when you put them in slow motion.

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