Alaska Waters
Pretty fish in deep blue swirling waters
Side one images of alskan waters tattoo with fish
These images are from the start of a sleeve I did.

Side two image of alaskan waters tattoo with fish
One thing to note about the tattoo is that the fish are a made up creation of my own.
The client had wanted a native Alaskan looking tattoo because she was born and raised in Alaska, but she also wanted a bit of a traditional American influence and a bit of traditional Asian influence in the look.

I had tried before many times to make actual fish species cross over into these styles with no success... so with this client I just asked if they could be crossbreeds.
I explained the delima and she was cool with my offer of some made up "Alaskan looking" fish.

I was very pleased with the results.

They have the pop of American traditional and the flow of Japanese traditional while still looking like a fish that could be found in Alaskan waters.

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