cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
sonny the bird who is cuckoo tattoo
Sonny is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Sonny arrived as a cereal mascot back in 1962.
He wasn't actually given a name. The name Sonny actually comes from the first commercials for Cocoa pufs that features him with his grandfather. His grandfather "Gramps" just called him "Sonny."

Later on they dumped poor old Gramps and just kept on with Sonny. Rather than give him a name... Sonny became the name.

Cocoa Puffs are made by General Mills.
In 1958 some smart guy at the company got the great idea to add coco flavoring to some KIX.
They do make them a bit different in size, but the make up is pretty much the same.

Something funny about Cocoa Puffs advertising is that they have often touted the "made with real Hershey's chocolate" logo on the box, but are sold under the Nesquik brand in many countries. Nestlé and Hershey are major competitors.
One of those things that makes you go hmmm.

As a tattoo Sonny is fun. He is bright and full of energy.
He is whacked out.. and I dig him.
A very fun tattoo to do.

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Cereal mascot tattoo by Aarron Laidig.
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