Aarron Laidig's Tattoo Galleries

Welcome to my tattoo gallery page.
Only three semi-current galleries and one old one are available at the moment because I have taken this site down for a re-vamp,
but I am sure you can get a nice idea of my work from what I have here.

Gallery 1 and 2 are mixed galleries of tattoos showing my daily doings.
Some fancy and some simple... black work and color... just tattoos in general.

The third gallery is from a project of mine.
Cereal mascots.
I always have at least one and usually multiple projects going on.
They are for my enjoyment and nothing more... hopefully you will enjoy them too.

The fourth gallery is from my old site
and I have included it here only because a lot of people sent emails to me asking to include a gallery of the style.

You can also visit my random tattoo post page if you want to see mostly current stuff.


Random updated tattoo post
Random and regularly updated tattoo post
Mixed random red region tattoo post from Aarron Laidig in Port Angeles Wa
The place to see mostly current stuff!

and now... the galleries...

random Tattoo Galleries 2012
Random Upload 2012
Mixed Tattoos Gallery
A mix of tattoos by Aarron

Mixed Tattoo Galleries 2010
Mixed Tattoo Scans 2010
Mixed Tattoos
All kinds of tattoos by Aarron

cereal mascot Tattoo Galleries 2010
Cereal Tattoos 2010
cereal Tattoos
It's what you had for breakfast

retro reverse image color bomb tattoos gallery
Retro Reverse From The 90's
reverse image tattoos from the 90's
Because you all asked for it!

This site is being re-built.
Please enjoy the 4 small tattoo galleries and check back again for the full site at a later time.

I currently can be found at:
Electric Beach
117 N Oak ST
Port Angeles , WA
(360) 417-1818

Tattooing is by appointment only
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