Welcome to Red Region

Welcome to the Red Region.
Red Region is more of a working tittle for an ongoing artistic endevour than a studio name.
What is this endevour?

Tattoo Galleries
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No Piercing Galleries Exist On This Site.

I currently can be found at:
Electric Beach
117 N Oak ST
Port Angeles , WA
(360) 417-1818

Tattooing is by appointment only

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Red Region Tattoos FaceBook Page
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Tattooing FAQ
Red Region Tattoo Faq Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Time heals nothing - art is the escape

~A lifetime of artistic pursuit and I still don't have the answers.
A poet and painter since before I can remember.
A tattoo artist for over 28 years and an off-n-on sellout commercial artist for close to the same.
After all that I have learned only 3 true things.
1. Never sell out the artistic part of your soul.
2. The best art comes when you are seeking the art itself and nothing else.
3.When seeking to create great art you must let what is inside outside.
Pain, joy, remorse, humor, sorrow, anything.
Be it tattoos, a painting, a poem, a drawing or even just a doodle - just let what is inside out and you will begin to find magic.

More of my artwork may be found at AARRON.COM